The best compression socks on the market.


Whether you are standing sitting walking or traveling for long periods of time or engaging in athletic activities like basketball running hiking softball hockey volleyball tennis or cycling these socks allow you to recover faster by helping to reduce swelling and fatigue by improving circulation to your legs and feet.


Premium lightweight nylon and spandex material with seamless toes prevents blistering and chafing that comes with being on your feet all day Perfect for nurse’s travel and maternity Anti-Odor properties weaved into the sock gives you the power to feel confident that your feet will remain cool and refreshing.


Graduated compression allows you to wear this sock to provide support and comfort for your feet ankles calf and legs This pressure helps increase the circulation to your muscles aiding in a quicker recovery reduced swelling and tiredness to your feet and legs Enhances athletic and workplace performance.

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LOVE these compression socks!

- Elizabeth B., October 25, 2017


I LOVE these compression socks!

These are very comfortable socks and they perform exactly as they are advertised. I used to take care of patients that needed to wear compression socks for various reasons. When I had to put them on their feet it took forever. They were extremely difficult to put on. BUT NOT THESE! These socks went on easily. Now I have a little swelling in my ankles and I found these AOS Anti Odor Sport Socks.

I was really surprised that they make such a big difference with swelling and fatigue and they are definitely easier to put on then I thought they would be. My feet feel so much better after I have these socks on. They stayed dry and I didn’t notice them getting hot which I normally do. I use them for travel and exercise and they feel amazing.

I highly recommend them if you suffer from lower leg/ankle swelling, they are first-rate quality and seem built to last. I am happy with my purchase.

Very Comfortable and Provides Great Compression!

- Karen J., October 30, 2017


These socks are very well made. Even after washing it several times, they held their shape and compression. I was surprised too how comfortable they are. I wanted to get socks to use when I'm traveling and when I'm working for a long time. These socks provided really good compression. Overall I am very happy and pleased with them and would highly recommend them!

Love my new sports socks.

- Brandy T., November 6, 2017


Love my new sport socks. The blue is a nice shade, a good match for my workout gear. I've worn them a few times and found the socks comfortable enough to wear all day. The toes are made from a lighter breathable fabric which allowed for plenty of wiggle room. The primary black fabric provided good compression on my calves without being too tight. Overall a great purchase.


- Amazon Customer, November 6, 2017


I have had foot / leg issues for years. I walk 4 - 5 miles average a day due to my job. I wear custom shoe inserts to help reduce plantar fasciitis and leg pain. My doctor recommended compression socks. These socks are FANTASTIC. I've only had them a week and can already tell a difference.